The routes on this page are from around the Powburn and Northumberland area. This is just a very small selection of the hundreds of miles of footpaths in the county. Click on the thumbnail picture to go to a larger map.

Notice to Scout Leaders

All walks in any area must comply to the rules and regulations as stated in P.O.R.

A Route Plan MUST be completed before starting any walking activity and left with a competent person.


Links to external websites are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that Tynemouth District Scout Council endorse the website(s). Tynemouth District Scout Council has no responsibility for the content of the linked website. All walks must be properly assessed before attempting.

Natural England - Northumberland Walks

Visit Northumberland - Rothbury and Coquetdale

Northumberland Walks


Safety when walking in any area is paramount, this becomes even more of a MUST when walking in the hills. Any hills, not just the Cheviots can become very dangerous places to be, very quickly. What may start as a warm, dry and clear day in the valleys can turn into a cold, wet and zero visibility one rapidly.

     Always carry a map, compass and a whistle. A GPS is not a substitute for a map and compass, it should be used as well as. A GPS is no good if the batteries die.

     Wear or carry warm clothing - it is easier to remove something to stay cool, than to put something on you haven't got.

     Stick to marked and recognisable footpaths. Wandering off may just see you wandering off......a very steep drop.

Click the diagram below for an idea of what you should be taking with you when out walking. It is a bit dated, but you get the idea!!

Fell walker